What are your sizes of hydrant meters?

The City of Durham offers two different Fire Hydrant Assemblies:

  • Standard Fire Hydrant Meter Assembly includes a 3” water meter, Backflow Preventer and an external  2.5” NST Fire Hose Connection and & ¾” MIPT Garden Hose Connection.
  • Jumper Box Assembly includes 2” inlet and outlet connections for soft copper when a direct tap is needed due to no local fire hydrants.

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1. What are your sizes of hydrant meters?
2. What are your fees for hydrant meters?
3. How much water will I get from my meter?
4. Are hoses provided?
5. Should I turn off the fire hydrant during the winter months or when freezing temperatures are expected?
6. How long do you allow hydrant meter to be used?
7. What if hydrant meter is damaged or lost?
8. Who can I contact for more information?