How are estimated bills calculated?

Staff generally review six prior months’ usage to determine the estimated usage for your account and then apply the established water and sewer rates.

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1. What is an estimated bill?
2. How can I tell if my bill is estimated?
3. How are estimated bills calculated?
4. Do I have to pay a bill that is estimated?
5. What if I paid estimated bills that turned out to be higher than my actual water use? Will I be issued a refund now that it's clear I overpaid?
6. I already paid bills without noticing they were estimated bills. Now I am being billed for more. Do I have to pay that, too?
7. How far back are you allowed to retroactively bill me?
8. How do you calculate the back-billed amount to make sure that I have not been overcharged?
9. How do I contact Customer Billing if I have a question about the amount due and how it was calculated?