What is the tree planting process like and how long does it take?

Approximately two weeks before a tree planting occurs, our urban forestry crews will leave informational door hangers on nearby residences to inform them of the tree installations. Additionally, there will be flag and paint markings indicating the approximate locations of the new street trees in the rights-of-way.  All planting locations will be inspected for underground utilities prior to planting to ensure that utilities will not be impacted during digging. Most tree planting projects take a few hours to a few days to complete, with minimal impacts to the street during installation. Since these newly planted trees are on City property, it is entirely the City’s responsibility to plant, prune, stake, and maintain the trees. However, it would be helpful if our residents could water the trees nearest to their properties during the hot summer months, although there is no resident obligation to water our street trees. Please note, the tree planting season begins in November and ends in March of the following calendar year.

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1. Who handles the tree planting?
2. What is the tree planting process like and how long does it take?
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