My meter has been locked by Cross Connection (bright colored laminated tag) for non-compliance. How do I get it unlocked?


In an effort to help protect the quality of water in the City’s distribution system non-compliant non-essential water (Irrigation) meters that have already been locked will remain locked until all essential water backflow preventer assemblies, such as domestic and fire assemblies, are completely in compliance with annual testing.

Intentional disregard of previous notices and deadlines established by the ordinance which lead to the water being terminated at your location is deemed as a willful violation. If your DOMESTIC water has been turned off following a water termination letter for non-compliance, a willful violation penalty of $500 is also required to be paid prior to water service being restore at your location. The procedures for discontinuance and service restoration as well as liability indemnity are provided in Section 70-592 of the CCC Ordinance

  1. Go to make a payment for the unlock
    1. Select “TRIP CHARGE” then enter your address
    2. Proceed with the $75 unlock payment (Per Backflow Preventer)
    3. Upon completion you and the City will receive a paid receipt confirmation.
  2. Repeat step 1 above if your DOMESTIC water has been turned off for non-compliance
    1. Select "WILLFUL VIOLATION" then enter your address
    2. Proceed with the $500 civil penalty
    3. Upon completion, you and the City will receive a paid receipt confirmation
  3. Hire a certified approved backflow tester.  If you do not know how to find a tester, please follow the steps below:
    1. Go to 
    2. Enter your CCN: XXXX-XXXX.  If you do not know your CCN please email [email protected] and request your CCN. Please provide your address in the email.
  4. The approved backflow tester shall coordinate with one of our Code Compliance Officers to schedule a date and time to meet on site.
    1. Lonnie Boone, Senior CCC Compliance Officer
    2. Thomas Stern, CCC Compliance Officer I
  5. Our inspector will meet the tester, unlock the meter and wait until the tester performs the test. The CCC staff will wait up to 15 min. of the selected time/date. After 15 min. if the tester fails to show up the $75 unlock fee will be forfeited and all the steps above will need to be repeated.
    1. If the backflow passes, the meter will remain unlocked.
    2. If the backflow fails, the meter will be locked back.
  6. Upon passing test results, the tester will provide a copy of the test results to City staff and City staff will make the backflow ACTIVE in BSI.
  7. Certified Tester shall manually enter the test results into within 24 hours of the test. If test(s) are not received within 24 hours the meter(s) will be locked again and the process will start all over.

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1. My meter has been locked by Cross Connection (bright colored laminated tag) for non-compliance. How do I get it unlocked?
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