Will Forever Home, Durham, solve the affordable housing crisis in Durham?

Forever Home, Durham will have a significant impact on housing affordability in Durham. The program established the following expectations in 2019 to: create and preserve 2,400 affordable rental homes, create 400 homeownership opportunities, house 1,700 residents experiencing homelessness, and offer services and financial assistance to stabilize over 3,000 renters and owners in their current homes. While these milestones are important, even with this investment, there is much more work to be done to address the large-scale, complex challenges related to affordable housing in our City. According to the NC Coalition to End Homelessness, 48% of renters have difficulty affording their homes in Durham County. Addressing their needs, as well as the needs of low-income homeowners, homebuyers, and residents experiencing homelessness, requires a multipronged strategy. In addition to a continued commitment to housing security and affordability, there must also be a focus on racial and ethnic inequalities, economic development, and the creation of quality jobs. Forever Home, Durham is just one piece of the puzzle.

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1. What is the goal of Forever Home, Durham?
2. Will Forever Home, Durham, solve the affordable housing crisis in Durham?
3. Does this program focus on other areas in addition to the development of affordable housing?
4. How will the City achieve the goals of Forever Home, Durham?
5. How does the $160 million spur $443 million in private funding for additional affordable housing support in the City of Durham?
6. What progress has the program made so far?
7. What is the role of the Durham Housing Authority (DHA) in providing housing in Durham?
8. How does the City work with DHA to create and maintain affordable housing options in Durham?
9. What is the DHA Downtown Neighborhood Plan and what is its role in affordable housing?
10. What will happen to the residents living at DHA properties that are slated for redevelopment?
11. How did the City decide which activities are included in the Forever Home, Durham Program?
12. How does the City decide which activities to work on when?
13. What else is the City doing beyond the programs funded by Forever Home, Durham?
14. How will the City track the money being spent as part of this program?
15. Was this program impacted by COVID-19?
16. How does the City track activities that count toward Forever Home, Durham goals and progress?
17. How will the funds for Forever Home, Durham be collected and authorized?
18. How does Forever Home, Durham support jobs?