How does the program work?

Once 100 households sign up, we will start our 12 week pilot program. 

  • All participants will receive a food collection cart, along with information about what food and organic materials are acceptable to be included in the cart.
  • Participants will be asked to place their cart at the curb for collection once a week. 
  • We ask that all participants complete two surveys, take part in brief feedback interviews, and share their experiences with us so we can learn what works and what doesn’t directly from program participants.

Throughout the pilot, our team will work to quickly respond to questions and listen to ideas so that we can make this the best program it can be for the Durham community. Our goal is to learn from Durham residents what works best for them before we expand the collection program beyond 100 households.

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2. How do I participate?
3. Why collect food waste?
4. How does the program work?
5. Where will my food waste go?
6. What happens after the pilot ends?
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