How am I supposed to set out bulky items?

Safe Placement Requirements:

Items are picked up mechanically using a special "boom truck". Please follow these guidelines for safe collection:

  • DO NOT place items for collection under low hanging wires or tree limbs.
  • DO NOT cover or obstruct water meters, fire hydrants, manholes, telephone boxes, etc. with items or brush to be collected.
  • DO NOT place items near or on top of underground sprinklers, decorative stones, or other items that may be damaged during the collection process.
  • DO NOT lean items against other objects.
  • DO NOT place near a mailbox, parked car, fence, utility pole or anything else of value.

Preparation Guidelines:

  • Appliances: All food and debris must be removed prior to collection. Remove or secure doors to eliminate potential hazards to children.
  • Lawn equipment: Gasoline, oil and any other fluids must be fully removed before collection.

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