How often does the DFD hire Laterals?

We do not have a set schedule for lateral hiring. We normally conduct a certified/lateral hiring process immediately before the annual Entry Level process; however, if we have a large number of openings, we can conduct a Lateral hiring process at any time.

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1. How do I know if I am considered "Certified/Lateral" in Durham?
2. If I hired, when will go into Operations?
3. What can I expect on the written test for Certified/Lateral firefighters?
4. Is the starting salary negotiable?
5. I 'm already an AEMT. How long would I have to attend the academy?
6. What about Reciprocity? Does my National Registry EMT certification meet Certified Firefighter requirements?
7. Do you allow any exemptions for the COVID vaccine?
8. What would my schedule look like when I go into Operations?
9. How often does the DFD hire Laterals?
10. Do you have any tips for applying?
11. Are there any residency requirements for City of Durham Firefighters?
12. Do you have any tips for applying?
13. How long does the Certified mini-academy last?
14. What time does the academy start each day?
15. What shot records will I need?
16. Does the City of Durham provide temporary housing or relocation expenses?
17. What are requirements for physical conditioning?
18. Still got questions?