What’s in it for business?

Hosting an intern is a low-cost/ high reward opportunity by which businesses can realize benefits including provision of additional help for projects and fill in for employees on vacation. Hosting an intern can also allow for the contribution of new ideas and energy, provision of additional staff support and cultivation of talent and skill sets to address pending retirements. Not only this, but it can also build and shape the workforce through providing important job and career skills.

An investment in Durham YouthWorks is vital to help develop youth and enhance our educational and workforce development systems. A better educated and more highly skilled community means a better community in which to live, work and play. A better place to live, work and play is a better place to do business.

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1. What’s in it for business?
2. What is the approximate cost to your business?
3. How does a business get matched with an intern?
4. How does your business sign up to participate?