Why was my garbage or recycling collection missed today?

There are a number of reasons that we might not be able to complete a collection. If you met all of the requirements below and we missed you, please report a missed collection and we will attempt to make it up before your next collection day. The best way to know for sure if to sign up for our convenient service alertsFind Your Collection Day / Holiday Schedule / Calendar | Durham, NC (durhamnc.gov).

1. Be sure your cart is at the curb no later than 6 am on your collection day. Best to put it out the night before.
2. The cart must not be obstructed. It must be a safe distance (generally 3 feet is good) from other carts, parked cars, mailboxes, fences, utlility poles, and any other property that could be damaged by a mechanical arm during collection.
3. Your street must be accessible. Road closures are generally rare but do happen for water main breaks, street maintenance, etc.
4. If this is a holiday week, collections are usually pushed back one day. You can sign up for collection reminders or use the Durham Rollout app to have access to your address' collection schedule.
5. Sometimes we have personnel and / or vehicle issues that prevent us from completing routes. If you sign up for service alerts, we notify you when this happens on your route. 

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6. Why was my garbage or recycling collection missed today?
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