What comes next?

Once we complete the data review, Durham Water will confirm the pipe materials. 

Durham Water will send all customers with “unknown” materials a flier with steps to learn the material of their line and a link to report it. After you take the steps and fill out an online survey with a photo of the line, Durham Water will review your photo. We will confirm your material or ask for more information. 

Additionally, city staff or contractors will also do field visits to dig and learn the material make-up of the service line for select properties. We will not dig unless the property owner signs a right-of-entry form to let us in the yard. You will not need to be at home when the dig occurs. We will tell you the material of your service line the day of the dig via a door hanger. The door hanger will include steps you can take to protect your health. Durham Water will fill the hole back in on the day of the dig. 

We are using machine learning to focus contractor digging, so that we can learn the very most about our system. If we do not reach out with a right-of-entry form, please contact [email protected] to see if you qualify for a City-conducted field verification.

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