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Audit Client Survey

  1. Audit Client Survey
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  2. 2. The audit objectives, purpose, and scope were clearly communicated.
  3. 3. The disruption of daily activities was minimized as much as possible during the audit.
  4. 4. My department concerns and perspective on key operating areas were adequately considered during the audit.
  5. 5. Communication of audit results and status to me during the audit was timely and adequate.
  6. 6. The auditor(s) demonstrated technical proficiency in the audit areas.
  7. 7. The auditor(s) demonstrated courtesy, professionalism, and a constructive and positive approach.
  8. 8. Audit results were well documented and accurately reported.
  9. 9. The audit report was clearly written and logically organized.
  10. 10. Audit recommendations were constructive and actionable.
  11. 11. The audit recommendations added value and assurance that internal controls work as intended.
  12. 12. Audit management was effective and provided oversight and a clear understanding of internal audit's purpose.
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