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Fraud | Waste | Abuse Tip Hotline: Report Abuse by City of Durham Employees

  1. Please Note: This form is for reporting fraud, waste, or abuse by City of Durham employees.

    If you are the victim of a crime, please file an incident report directly with the Durham Police Department
  2. Identify the type of improper activity you are reporting?
  3. What is the basis of your knowledge regarding these matters?
  4. Do you have evidence such as documents, photographs, letters, electronic data, or anything else to substantiate the activity?
  5. The information below is strictly confidential. The identity of the person providing the information shall not be disclosed without their written permission, unless the disclosure is to a law enforcement agency which is conducting a criminal investigation. The identity of the person providing the information will be known to personnel with a legitimate need to know in order to carry out the investigation.

    Simply select "No" if you do not wish to provide the confidential information. If we determine your information is not sufficient to move forward and we cannot contact you, the investigation may not be able to be completed.

    If your submission requires a response from our office, please include your email or other contact information.
  6. Can we contact you to discuss your concerns in more detail?*
  7. Would you be willing to come into our office to give a statement?*
  8. Do you want a copy of this Submission?
    Below you have the option to Print this submission and/or receive a copy through email. The email field below is not recorded by the City, so that you have the option of an email copy while remaining anonymous.
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