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Revised Fraud | Waste | Abuse Tip Hotline: Report Abuse by City of Durham Employees

  1. This form is for reporting fraud, waste, and abuse by City of Durham employees.
  2. How do you know about this ethics violation?
  3. If you do not know the exact date(s), or if the behavior has been going on for an extended time, please provide as specific a range as possible (Example: From late March to mid-April).

  4. What type(s) of evidence do you have about the incident or behavior?
  5. If you choose to share your contact information below, please know that your identity will not be disclosed without your written permission.
    • We understand why you might be hesitant. However, if we need additional information and cannot contact you, we may be unable to conduct an investigation.

  6. Do you want a copy of this Submission?

    Below you have the option to Print this submission and/or receive a copy through email. The email field below is not recorded by the City, so that you have the option of an email copy while remaining anonymous.

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