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Request to Speak at City Council Work Session on Non-Agenda Items (Citizen Matters)

  1. Presentation: Will you be sharing a PowerPoint presentation, picture(s), or a video? If yes, please click "Choose File" below to upload.
  2. Communication: Have you communicated with the Department(s) associated with this matter?
    • File Upload size is limited to 20MB
    • City policy prohibits unauthorized hardware and drives (e.g., flash drive) from being used or connected to City-owned equipment.
  3. Please Note: You are permitted up to 3 minutes to speak and make your presentation.

    This form must be submitted by Monday at 5 p.m. 10 calendar days prior to the City Council Work Session at which you wish to speak. Once this form is submitted, no further reminder will be given. Citizens may call the Agenda Coordinator at 919-560-4222 to confirm receipt of this form.
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