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911 Customer Satisfaction Survey

  1. DECC is working to improve the quality of our services. You can help by rating the services we provided using the following survey. The information and comments that you offer will greatly assist us in evaluating our culture of service. We appreciate your time in responding to this survey. Remember, this survey is dealing only with the telephone segment of the service provided.
  2. Question 1, Quality of Service: How Was Your Overall Experience with 911?*
  3. Question 2, Type of Service: Which Service Did You Request?*
  4. Question 3, 911 Operator: Was Your Operator Courteous and Professional?*
  5. Question 4, 911 Answering Time: Was Your Call Answered in a Timely Matter?*
  6. Question 5, Information Retrieval: Were Questions Asked Easy For You To Understand?*
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