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Tent Permit Application

  1. Installation of tents and canopies shall be in compliance with Chapter 24 of the North Carolina Fire Code, as well as any other applicable provisions governed by the building, electrical, and mechanical codes.
  2. Once the application has been submitted with required documents, a fire prevention inspector will contact you to schedule the tent inspection. For information, call 919-560-4242 or email.
  3. Company Information
  4. Contact Information
  5. Bills are sent via email from Fire Recovery USA (FRUSA).
  6. Tent Detail & Use Information
  7. Tent Permit Fee Schedule
    Tents less than 750 square feet are $75. Tents more than 750 square feet are $150.

    Note: Tents erected after normal work hours and weekends are subject to additional charges.
  8. Do the Tents Have Sides?
  9. Type of Tent
  10. Do the Tents Have Sides?
  11. Type of Tent
  12. Do the Tents Have Sides?
  13. Type of Tent
  14. Do the Tents Have Sides?
  15. Type of Tent
  16. Do the Tents Have Sides?
  17. Type of Tent
  18. Do the Tents Have Sides?
  19. Type of Tent
  20. Tent Use
  21. Acknowledgment
    I certify that the information herein and submitted with this application is true and accurate. I further acknowledge that the fire official has the authority to revoke this application or any subsequently issued permit based on falsely submitted information or unsafe or non-compliant conditions. Posted permits provided by the fire official shall remain posted in a conspicuous location.
  22. My initials represent my signature and that the above information is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
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