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Mayor & City Council Appearance Request Form

  1. This form is used to request an appearance at a public event only. If you are requesting a private meeting, please email Juliet Black, Administrative Coordinator, at [email protected] 

    Please submit your request at least 30-45 days in advance of the event date.  

    Completion of this request does not guarantee participation. Please refrain from using the mayor's name and image on promotional materials unless and until you receive approval from the Office of the Mayor.

  2. For virtual meetings or events, please indicate the platform being utilized, i.e. Zoom, Streamyard, Uber Conference, WebEx, etc.

  3. Will your event occur rain or shine?*
  4. Is this a fundraising event?*
  5. Are you requesting Mayor make remarks?*
  6. Type of Remarks:*
  7. Duration of Remarks:*

    For longer speeches or addresses, a staff member may reach out to you to discuss further. 

  8. Will the media be in attendance?*
  9. If the mayor is unavailable, would you like another Councilmember to attend?*
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