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Police Department

  1. Citizen Complaint Form
  2. Community Police Academy Form

    Community Police Academy Form

  3. DPD Neighborhood Watch Quarterly Report

    Durham Police Department Neighborhood Watch Quarterly Report

  4. Durham Police Department Partnership Request
  5. Secondary Employment Job-Site Application

    This form is used to request an off-duty Durham Police Officer to be utilized as security for a job-site.

  1. Commendation Form

    Commendations received by the Police Department will be forwarded to the employee and his or her supervisor. A copy of the... More…

  2. Community Services Division Request

    Community Services Division Request Form

  3. DPD Safe Place Business Form

    DPD Safe Place is a community safety initiative that aims to reduce hate crimes and harassment of members of the LGBTQ community; stop... More…

  4. Request for Durham Police Department Honor Guard Services

    Make a request by fully completing the form below. All fields must be complete in order for the form to be automatically routed to the... More…