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Dirt Bike and ATV Information

  1. it is illegal (Banner (Landscape))
  2. *To remain completely anonymous, Durham CrimeStoppers is a tip line, 919-683-1200, that gives callers an avenue to report criminal activity anonymously. It is a non-profit partnership between the community, the media, law enforcement agencies, and businesses working together to solve crime. Callers are encouraged, via cash rewards and a promise of anonymity, to provide information leading to the arrest of suspected criminals.

  3. Tell us what happened. Include as much detail as possible. Include if there were any noticeable features of the unlawful dirt bike operators. For example: stickers on the bikes, unique helmets, identifying features of the operators. 

  4. Report illegal dirt bike activity

    Any photos, videos, or other recordings can be shared via AXON Community Evidence Submission, using the attached QR Code.

    *Do not go out of your way to take photos or videos of any illegal activity.

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