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Request for Durham Police Department Honor Guard Services

  1. Ideally requests for Durham Police Department Honor Guard services at community events and observances should be made 30 days prior to the event.
  2. Make a request by fully completing the form below. All fields must be complete in order for the form to be automatically routed to the lead Honor Guard coordinators. Please allow up to five week days for Honor Guard coordinators to personally acknowledge receipt of online request. Be mindful that Honor Guard membership is a volunteer activity; officers are able to serve as work schedules allow.
  3. Prior to hitting the “Submit” button, be sure to print out (and retain) a copy of this online registration for your records.
  4. Please be specific and provide a detailed description as well as what would be expected of the Honor Guard.
  5. I have read and understand Posting of Colors vs. Presentation of Colors*
  6. Please provide the name of a secondary contact.
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