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Special Event Cart Information and Request Form


    Contact the Solid Waste Department at (919) 560-4186 or visit the City’s website at for more information.  

  2. Has a SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT been obtained from the Police Department?*

    If NO, then contact the Police Department to obtain approval BEFORE requesting Trash and Recycling Carts.

    POLICE DEPT Special Events Website

  3. If YES, upload/attach a copy of the SPECIAL EVENT PERMIT here.

  4. Carts will be delivered and retrieved from this locaton

  5. Special Event Trash & Recycling Cart Rental Prices

    Select from the chart below for the recommended number of carts based on the number of expected attendees, and related fees.

  6. Special Event Trash & Recycling Cart Rental Prices*
    Contact Solid Waste at (919) 560-4186 if estimated attendance is over 400










  7. This should be the EVENT COORDINATOR and/or CONTACT PERSON

  8. Add mailing address for REFUND of DEPOSIT after the event.

  9. Provide a phone number so we can reach you if we have any questions or important updates to provide you with.

  10. Add Vendor number.  If you do not have one, please register with Vendor Self Service.


    You will be redirected to another page to make payment.  Payment must be made in full, including the total.  When finished, return to THIS FORM and enter the CONFIRMATION NUMBER from the RECEIPT received from the payment site.

    Payment must be the TOTAL AMOUNT including the DEPOSIT.

  12. Event Coordinator Information:
    • Service is complete when the carts are collected after the event has concluded.
    • Event Coordinator is responsible for having the carts staged for collection within 4 hours of event completion.
    • All Carts must be staged for collection at the designated drop off and pick up zone.
    • Deposit is for cart repair and/or replacement.
    • If the event coordinator has multiple events scheduled for the year, the $500 deposit can be held until the last event is over and all carts are retrieved without damages.
    • Event coordinator is responsible for all carts and is liable for the cost to repair or replace damaged or lost carts.  The cost to repair or replace lost or damaged carts will be deducted from the deposit.   The cost to replace a cart is $50.00.   Repairs will be charged based on actual cost of repair.    
    • Event Coordinator or designee must be onsite to sign for receipt of carts delivered. 
    • Event Coordinator is responsible for cleaning the entire event area.  Failure to do so will result in a loss of all deposits.
    • As rentals are based on request, not your usage, rental fees are non-refundable.
  13. Additional Fees:
    • Contamination: If recycling containers are contaminated with trash or other non-recyclable materials, the Event Coordinator renting the container(s) will be charged a $10 fee per cart to have the material disposed as garbage.
    • Extra Materials: For any bagged materials that do not fit in carts, an additional fee of $5 per bag will be charged.
    • Unacceptable Materials: The Event Coordinator renting the cart(s) is responsible for the material placed into the containers.
        • No yard waste or hazardous waste may be placed in any of the containers.
        • Hazardous waste fees begin at $ 75.00 with an upper limit based on the cost to properly dispose of the hazardous waste placed in the container(s).


    Returned Check: A $30 fee will be charged for any checks returned as NSF.


    Your REGISTRATION will NOT be accepted if you have not :

    1) Completed a SPECIAL EVENTS PERMIT from the Police Department.

    2) Provided a confirmation number for FULL PAYMENT AMOUNT, including DEPOSIT.

  15. Contact the Solid Waste Department at (919) 560-4186 or visit the City’s website at for more information.  

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