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Yard Waste Cart Form - English

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    Thank you for becoming a yard waste customer!  Please fill out your information below.

  4. Are you a current City of Durham Water Customer?
  5. If you do not have City water services and are on a well, please download, fill-out, and submit your application with the annual payment (by mail) to 1833 Camden Avenue. You will receive a yearly billing statement for your yard waste service fee/s to renew your service every fiscal year. Thank you, and we look forward to providing you with excellent service, all while keeping your yard beautiful year-round!


    The Yard Waste form is located here:

  6. City Water Customer

    Yard waste fees will be added to your monthly City of Durham water bill.

  7. 999-999-9999

  8. 999-999-9999

  9. Service fee: $7.50/month +$1.50 for each additional cart*

    New customers receive prorated annual fees. 

  10. Is Yard Waste Service Address different than above?**
  11. yardwaste-cart
  12. Do you have a cart like this at your service address?
  13. Do you need additional Carts?
  14. This is an annual service agreement. Automatic annual renewal will occur July 1st of each year, unless we receive a cancellation request at least 10 business days in advance. If you elect to cancel within the service year, any remaining amount due will be charged to your monthly water bill.  Find more information at or by calling Durham One Call: 919-560-1200. 

    Estimated Monthly Total = $7.5 

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