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Application for Water/Sewer Utility Services

  1. Application to Start Utility Services
  2. A $50 Service Initiation Fee and a $100* Deposit are required and will be billed on your first bill

    If you would like your account to be reivewed for a possible deposit waiver, please submit an acceptable letter of credit "LOC" from a prior utility provider indicating a good payment history within the last 12 months. The LOC must be received within 30 days of starting the account to be considered. The account holder must be the person listed on the LOC. Please visit our website for additional information.

    *Deposit amounts are based on meter size. $100 is based on the 5/8" meter. Visit the link to Review our Deposits and Fees for larger meter sizes.

  3. At least 1 business day required. Services are not provided on weekends or holidays.

  4. Do you own, rent or manage this property?*
  5. Have you purchased this property within the last 45 days?*
  6. Document must include the following:

    1. You as the buyer
    2. Location of the property
    3. Signatures or initials of the buyer AND seller

    A signature page will be required if the document is not electronically signed.

    If you have more than one document, you can upload additional documents below.

  7. We need the 1st page that displays the tenants and the location and the signature page where the lease is signed by the tenant(s) and the owner(s).

    If you have more than one document, you can upload additional documents below.

  8. A copy of the management agreement for this location is required. At a minimum, the owner's name should be inlcuded for reference.

  9. Have you had services with the City of Durham before?*
  10. Authorization for Services
  11. Please read and agree to the following statements before electronically signing your application.
    • I hereby apply to the City of Durham (the “City”) for water and/or sewer service to be provided to the property located at Service Address listed above (“Property”), and I understand its agents, employees, and contractors have authority to bill me for utility services.
    • I understand that I must pay all charges by the due date. If payment is not received by the City by the due date, I will be subject to late payment and/or delinquency fees, and continued non-payment will result in the service being suspended for non-payment. Resumption of the service(s) may require payment of additional fees.
    • I understand that I may be subject to a monetary civil penalty for obstructing, damaging, or tampering with any meter, piping, or other part of the water and/or wastewater collection system, as provided by City ordinance or State law.
    • I agree to notify the City when I will move away from the Property or no longer desire utility service, and I understand I will be responsible for paying all utility charges until service in my name has been properly terminated in accordance with City policy.
    • I understand my deposit will be applied to my final bill, unless I request my deposit be transferred to a new account with the City or I request my deposit be applied to my current account upon completion of one year of on-time payments. If after the deposit is applied to my final bill the remaining deposit credit is greater than $5 after my debts to the City are satisfied, the City will mail a check to me at the forwarding address I provide. If the remaining deposit credit is less than $5, I authorize such amounts to be contributed to the water hardship fund, unless I submit a written request to the City at 1600 Mist Lake Drive, Durham, NC 27704.
    • I understand that if I do not pay all charges due the City, the City may take collection action against me including, but not limited to, use of a collection agency and the North Carolina Department of Revenue Debt Set-Off Program. I also understand that I may not open up an additional utility account with the City until all charges from prior accounts for which I am responsible are paid.
    • I understand that failure to comply with the City of Durham’s Utilities Ordinance (Chapter 70) after receiving notification of violation could result in termination of water service, assessment of civil penalties, and other enforcement action.
    • The information I have provided on this application is correct to the best of my knowledge. I have read the billing and collection instructions.
  12. Notice regarding electronic signature

    Pursuant to the North Carolina Uniform Electronic Transactions Act, digital application documents are legally binding in the same manner as are hard copy documents executed by hand signature. The applicant hereby consents to the use of electronic or digitized signatures or scanned copies of original signatures, and the applicant intends to be bound by the application and any related documents.

    By submitting an application with an electronic or digitized signature or a scanned copy of the original application, you acknowledge, agree, and authorize your electronic or digitized signature or your scanned original signature to be valid and binding upon you in the same manner as are hard copy documents executed by hand signature.

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