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Certified Backflow Tester Course Registration

  1. Enter name as you would like for it to appear on your certificate.
  2. By submitting this online application to become or remain eligible to be on the City of Durham's Certified Testers List, the tester (participant) acknowledges and understands that:*
    • It is the tester’s responsibility to provide the update Cross Connection Control Office current and up-to-date information. Anytime the information provide with this application changes the tester must report the changes to the cross Connection Control Office as soon as possible and within 10 business day of the change.
    • Being placed on this list is a privilege, not a right. Therefore a tester or company may be removed from this list and/or disallowed to test in the Durham jurisdiction for reasons including, but not limited to unethical practices, improper conduct, failure to perform testers’ duties, etc.
    • Intentionally Submitting false information on this electronic application, as an attachment, or on test and maintenance reports is a violation of the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act, NC Rules Governing Public Water Supplies, and City of Durham Code of Ordinances. Submitting false information on this electronic application, as an attachment, or on test and maintenance reports may subject the submitter to disciplinary action, fees, fines, and prosecution.
    • I will receive emailed instructions regarding course fee payment via PAYMENTUS and that I am not a registered participant for the course until payment is made and I have received a receipt for the payment. (Once you click the “Submit” button on your application, you may proceed to and select the appropriate class you have enrolled in and then enter the students name under “Student ID.”)
    • I hereby certify by this submission that the above submitted information and attachments are correct as submitted to the City of Durham’s Cross Connection Control Office for admission to the Certification, Re-Certification or Orientation course.

    Testers Ethics and Code of Conduct

    1. Testers shall not falsify any data or results obtained from field tests performed by the Tester.
    2. Testers shall not sign any Test and Maintenance Report for tests they did not perform. 
    3. Testers shall not make any unneeded repairs, replacements, nor use any repair parts not specifically manufactured for a specific assembly.
    4. Testers shall not perform annual testing prior to 60 days from the established deadline. 
    5. A Tester shall not remove, straight-pipe, or by-pass any assembly that would create an unprotected cross connection.
    6. A Tester shall not perform a test using water through a by-pass or jumper around a meter.
    7. A Tester shall perform Field Tests using City of Durham-Specified Test Procedures only (Vertical Sight Tube or Differential Pressure Gage, short downstream tube, compensating tee and bleed off valve). Furthermore, Testers will verify all components required for field-testing are present (i.e., inlet and outlet shut-off valves [SOV], all test cocks [TC]). Any discrepancies shall be listed on the Test and Maintenance Report.
    8. Testers are required to submit the appropriate Test and Maintenance Report to the approved electronic database designated by the City of Durham by the established deadline or no later than five (5) calendar days after the date of the test, whichever is more stringent. If test reports are received more than five (5) days after the date of test, they will not be accepted, and the Tester will be required to re-test the assembly in question and submit the form within the required time period. The Tester shall also provide a copy of their test results to the customer or tenant upon completion of the procedure.
    9. Testers are required to maintain their BFPA testing equipment. This includes ensuring that the differential pressure gauge is checked against manufacturer specifications at least annually.
    10. Testers are required to observe, verify, and record the make, model, size, serial number, and location of all BFPAs when performing the field test.
    11. A Tester shall recognize the degree of hazard present when testing an assembly, and if the assembly is not appropriate to the degree of hazard, they shall test the assembly and notify the CCC Administrator of the contradiction in protection. If the assembly is installed in a manner inconsistent with existing City of Durham Code of Ordinance (in a ceiling, polyvinyl chloride [PVC], etc.), a Tester is required to note that discrepancy on the Test and Maintenance Report. 

    Any tester failing to conform to the provisions of Tester Ethics and Code of Conduct shall be in violation of City of Durham CCC Ordinance and subjected to loss of testing privileges within the City of Durham’s jurisdiction. Penalties of violation are presented in §70-590 of the CCC Ordinance. The CCC Ordinance is included as Appendix A to this document.  

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