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1. We are assuming that any as-built submittal on or after July 1, 2007 shall adhere to the new requirements. Is this correct?
2. Water main locations after paving is in place can only be within a tolerance of 3 feet or so. Is this acceptable to the city?
3. If we are to give coordinates and an ID for each gate valve, hydrant, manhole, etc., why should we also have to give 2 dimensions to each on the as-built drawings? This seems to be redundant.
4. How can we minimize confusion with water line IDs if each line requires an ID number, even at every tee cross/transition? Also, do these water lines have to be stationed?
5. We are assuming that for "as-built date" we can use the same date for all items and use the submittal date. Is this okay?
6. For water meters and cleanouts in single family subdivisions we may not know the street address for each lot. Can we assume that the lot number will suffice for all submittals?
7. For multi-family sites, are we required to locate and ID every cleanout from the main to the building?
8. In Storm Water Structures, you indicate that 2 dimensions are required for each structure, unless it is circular. Should we field measure each box, or give the dimensions from the standard details?
9. In your requirements you are requesting that the files be separate for each utility (water, sewer, stormwater), will you accept them in 1 file?