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1. How can I pay my City of Durham utility bill by phone?
2. How much is the payment processing charge?
3. Can a customer service representative take my payment over the phone?
4. How secure is the interactive voice response system?
5. How can I be sure my payment is received by the city?
6. Can I make a payment by phone if my account is turned off for non-payment?
7. Can I make a payment by phone if my account is still on but I have received a letter notifying me that it will be turned off today for non-payment?
8. Will the $50 nonpayment service charge be waived if I pay by phone before my water is turned off?
9. Can I make a payment when I get an automatic reminder phone call from the city that my payment is late?
10. Can I make a payment for a relative or roommate or can another person make a payment on my account?
11. Can I set up recurring payments using the interactive voice response?
12. How can I make a payment by phone if I can’t find my bill?
13. Do I have to pay the entire bill or can I pay a portion?
14. How can I cancel a payment if I’ve made a mistake or find out my spouse already paid online?
15. Why is the city offering payment by phone when the website already accepts credit cards?