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1. How large is the Durham Police Department?
2. Are you hiring lateral applicants at this time?
3. I am BLET (Basic Law Enforcement Training) certified. Will I be required to attend the entire academy?
4. When is your next academy?
5. How large is your department?
6. Do you hire out- of-state candidates?
7. Is there a residency requirement?
8. How long does the hiring process take?
9. How many people are you hiring for your next academy?
10. Do I have to attend an open house informational session?
11. Does my packet need to be complete on the day that I report for testing?
12. Is there an age requirement/cutoff?
13. Is the academy paid training?
14. Would I have a take home car?
15. Do I have to work patrol/street duty or can I go to a specialized unit once I graduate from the academy?
16. What records are required and how do I obtain copies?
17. Will you accept copies of any documents that I have to pay for?
18. Can I do a ride along with an officer?
19. Do I have to stay overnight at the academy?
20. What are the Durham Police Department’s policies on tattoos, hairstyles, beards and jewelry?